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This article applies to all TeamViewer customers with Business, Premium, Corporate or Tensor plans, as well as any other services purchased.


Your TeamViewer invoice is a proof of purchase; it also includes important information like your license key, invoicing period, payable cost amount and terms & conditions.

How do I get a TeamViewer invoice?

All TeamViewer customers receive a confirmation email after purchase. This email is sent to the purchaser's email and will also have the invoice attached, in PDF form.

Sample of TeamViewer invoice

sampled invoice -1.png
Invoice Contents

Customer Information

 1 Information provided by the customer at the time of purchase. Includes the customer's name, company name and billing address

 Purchase Information

 2 Invoice Number: Each invoice has a unique number within the TeamViewer system. 

Note: It is recommended to have your invoice number ready if you are contacting TeamViewer technical support.

 3 Purchase Information: Includes purchase date as well as any discounts potentially applied to the purchase (as agreed between customers and TeamViewer Sales Team)

 4 TeamViewer Information: All contact information regarding reaching TeamViewer. Includes physical and email address, website, and fax number 

Note: TeamViewer phone and fax numbers may vary as the invoices are generated automatically by the region/market. 

 5 Purchasing Date: Date of purchase, date of delivery, and the total number of pages

 6 Services Purchased: Details of the ordered item, include the quantity, the TeamViewer service orders as well as TeamViewer license key, any add-ons, unit price, discounted price and sum price in the corresponding currency

 7 Amount Due: Includes the Net price, Taxable amount and Total sum in the corresponding currency.

Note: VAT/GST (Taxable amount) may vary for world-wide markets and regions, it may not yet be applied in some market regions.

 8 Licensed Accounts: Friendly reminder that TeamViewer licenses are account-based and must be logged in to be used

Payment information

 9 Payment Terms: Amount due as well as in what currency, payment terms of the order, and the equivalent payable amount in Euros. If paid by credit card, a confirmation can also be seen here

Note: TeamViewer accepts both Euro and the corresponding currency in the market/region.

 10 Cancellation Terms: TeamViewer annual subscriptions must be canceled at least 28 days prior to renewal, by submitting a ticket

Note: The information on TeamViewer subscription renewal terms and conditions may vary as the invoices are generated automatically by the region/market. 

 11 Payment Link: Online payment portal where the customer may submit credit card or PayPal payment

Note: The Invoice number and purchasing email address are required to verify the order in the payment portal.

 12 Bank Information: TeamViewer also accepts international Bank transfers. Includes all account details with account number and Swift code for payment purposes.

Note: The information about TeamViewer bank account details may vary as the invoices are generated automatically by the region/market.

 13 Additional Information: Includes TeamViewer registration and VAT numbers as well as the names of the TeamViewer CEO and CFO.


What can I do if my information is incorrect? Can I ask to change the invoice? 

Contact TeamViewer Support immediately if you find any incorrect information, or if you have any other inquiries regarding changes (language of invoice, currency, etc). 

Can I ask the invoice to be sent to other email account?

The invoice can only be sent to the email address on file (the one used for purchase). Please contact TeamViewer Support for further discussion.

How long is the payment term?

By default, TeamViewer offers a standard 14-day payment term from the date of TeamViewer invoice issued.

How do I know if my invoice is paid?

Generally, TeamViewer invoices remain pending for payment. If the invoice has already been paid by credit card, a unique transaction code will be displayed on the invoice. 

NoteIf you would like to confirm your payment using any method, please contact our support team. They are happy to assist you.

Can I get a payment receipt?

Payment receipt are only sent by request. Please contact TeamViewer Support if you wish to receive a confirmation of payment.

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