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This article applies to TeamViewer customers with a Premium, Corporate or Tensor plan.


Within the TeamViewer Management Console, you have the ability to change user permissions centrally. You can

  • add users to your license (Premium, Corporate or Tensor) and
  • create TeamViewer accounts to give the users the ability to log into any TeamViewer application and be working under the license.

Also, a company profile enables centralized permission management for all the accounts.

Benefits of a company profile

Managing users as a company administrator in your company Profile also gives you access to:

  • Connection reports (reports of user connections including date, time and frequency)
  • Ability to deactivate or remove a user
  • Ability to create channel groups
  • Ability to share groups of contacts and devices and to manage group permissions
  • Ability to change user account passwords
  • Ability to change user permissions

Once you have activated your license on your TeamViewer account you can create your company profile and begin to add users.

Before starting: Read our best practices for the setup of a Company profile: Using a Master Account for the TeamViewer Management Console


Each Company Profile can have one TeamViewer Core license (=Premium or Corporate) activated and this license can be combined with other licenses of the TeamViewer product family (e.g. Pilot, Remote Management, IoT, etc. )

📌Please note that you can not activate more than one Core license on your company profile. When you as a company admin try to activate a new license (Premium or Corporate subscription license) to a company profile that already has a license, you will need to choose between keeping the existing license or replacing the existing license.

The only exception applies to our long-term customers with existing perpetual/subscription licenses: Multiple perpetual/subscription licenses can be active on the Company Profile.

In such a case, one subscription license may be added only to existing perpetual license(s), not to existing subscription licenses.

image (25).png

💡Hint: To make sure you have the best fitting license for your companies needs, we highly recommend you talk to one of our licensing experts. Please find the contact numbers here: Contact a license expert.

  • The company administrators can freely assign/unassign the license to the members of your company profile.
  • Via channel groups, you can reserve one or more channels for specific teams or persons.
  • In case you see an increasing demand for channels, you have the option to add additional channels to your existing account or to upgrade to a better fitting license type. For more information, please call our licensing experts.

📌If you have any questions about your previous license (= the one you replaced with the new license) please get in touch with our Support via our ticket system.


Create your company profile

  1. Log in to the TeamViewer Management Console under
  2. Click User Management in the upper left corner and create a company profile
  3. Once created, you will be able to add users to your newly generated online company

2017-01-27 16_16_07-TeamViewer Management Console user mgmt.png

2017-01-27 18_18_19-Add Users to Company Profile - #3.png 

Add users to your company profile

When joining a company profile, the company´s administrator takes over full management of the joining account. Everyone who wants/is asked to join a company profile will be informed via a PopUp, that

  • s/he will lose control over the account,
  • the company administrator can connect and control all his/her computers
  • we recommend not to join a company profile the user does not know or does not fully trust.

The user needs to allow to transfer the account before joining the company profile.


📌Please keep in mind that when a licensed user is joining a licensed company (= Premium or Corporate subscription license) the user either need to de-link the license linked to their account to be able to join, or they will not be joined to the company profile 

image (26).png


Add a new user

 If a user does not already have a TeamViewer account associated with their email, click +Add User. You will create a TeamViewer account for them including email, username, and password that you can provide them with.

2017-01-27 16_18_24-TeamViewer Management Console add user.png

Note: When using the +Add User option, once the account has been created an email will be sent to the new account to finally activate it. If this is not done the user will get an error that the account has not been activated when trying to sign in.

Add an existing account

If they have a TeamViewer account already associated with their email, click Add Existing Account.

This will provide you with a URL: 

2017-01-27 16_20_10-TeamViewer Management Console join company.png

Simply give this URL to the user and have them log in with their free account credentials.

Once they sign into their account, they have to provide a Company Administrator email address. For example, Miranda Paulson wants to invite Joe Flynn to join the company profile. Miranda sends Joe an email with this link. When Joe opens the link, he will need to enter Miranda's email address, not his own.

Once done, the administrators' email that was entered will receive a request by email and as a notification in the Management Console under User Management which needs to be approved by the administrator. Once the user has been accepted, they are part of the company profile as a standard User.

Note: Please keep in mind that a connected account can only be removed from the company profile by the company administrator again and requires a valid license on the company profile/admin account. Also, the TeamViewer staff cannot remove the account on behalf of the owner of the associated email address or the company admin.

Set Permissions for users

Once you have your users added to your company profile you will also have the ability to set their permissions and promote them to Administrators or Company Administrators:

To promote the user, hover over their row in the User Management area. This will reveal on the right edge of the row a button with a gear. Click this button to drop down a menu. When the menu appears, choose Edit User: Edit User_permission.png

These are the different permission levels available:

  1. Company Administrator: Can make changes to Company settings, other Administrator accounts, and User accounts.
  2. Administrator: Can make changes to other User accounts but cannot make changes to a company profile or Company Administrator account.
  3. User: Only has access to connect to devices in their account. Cannot make changes to any other User accounts or Company profile settings.


2017-01-27 18_07_48-Add Users to Company Profile - new permissions.png

Once the appropriate box is checked, move to the bottom-left corner of the dialog and click Save. The user now has the permissions that were selected in the dialog.

Remove/deactivate users from your company profile

As a (company) administrator, you can remove or deactivate users from your company profile. This might be needed in cases a user has left the company or needs to be part of a new company profile (e.g. move to another department within the same company).

To do so please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the TeamViewer Management Console under
  2. Click User Management in the upper left corner 
  3. Hover with your mouse over the user you would like to deactivate/remove and click on the gear wheel on the right sideRemove_User1.png
  4. You can either deactivate or remove a user from your company profile. You can also work with the checkboxes to bulk remove multiple users at once.

    Deactivate: Deactivated users will still be displayed in the user management if enabled under Tools --> Show inactive users, but those users can not use their TeamViewer account anymore. The following restrictions apply for deactivated users: The user can not log into his TeamViewer account. The user can not use the company's license. Service cases cannot be assigned to the user. The user can not access shared groups. The user can not connect to other users with his TeamViewer account, only connections to users within the company profile are allowed. 

    Remove: Removed users will be deleted from the user management, but can continue to use their TeamViewer account. When choosing Remove user, you´ll have to confirm that you are aware of what the consequences of the removal mean to the user and the company. If a user is removed...his company-related data (e.g., connection reports, custom modules and guidelines) will be transferred to the corporate administrator, the company's licenses will be revoked, his shared groups will still be available for the company


    The following PopUp appears when choosing Remove user:


    Note: Groups that have been shared with the user must be manually edited and withdrawn via the Share menu. 

Your account is already associated with a company 

If you are trying to join a company profile and you are getting the message Your account is already associated with a company. You cannot join another company, you have the following two options if you prefer leaving the current company profile and join the new one:

Delete company profile: If the company profile belongs to your account

  1. Log in to the TeamViewer Management Console under
  2. Click User Management in the upper left corner 
  3. Hover with your mouse over the users - except your own administrator account- one by one and click on the gear wheel on the right side and choose to Remove userRemove_User1.png
  4. Remove all user from your company profile one by one

  5. As the last step: Delete the company profile by removing the last administrator account (your account)

  6. Now you can join the new company profile.

Delete company profile: If your company profile appears as expired

If in the User Management menu, your company profile appears as expired, please click on your profile in the top right corner of the Management Console and then on Administer [Your company name],

Company profile_5.png
then in the General tab, click on Delete company.

Company profile_6.png
As before, check the box at the bottom of the window and validate with Delete company.

Company profile_4.png
You are now automatically logged out.

If the company profile belongs to another account

  1. Ask the company administrator of the current company profile to remove your account from the company profile 
  2. Now you can join the new company profile.

Note: Please keep in mind that a connected account can only be removed from the company profile by the company administrator again and requires a valid license on the company profile/admin account. Also, the TeamViewer staff cannot remove the account on behalf of the owner of the associated email address or the company admin.

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