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This article applies to all TeamViewer Customers with a Premium, Corporate or Tensor plan.


Company Administrators can change the Users Permissions for their company members via Bulk Change. This allows advanced and faster user management within the Management Console.


How to Bulk User Change

Please follow the below steps to bulk change multiple members or admins within your TeamViewer Company profile.

  1. Sign in to the Management Console
  2. Click on the left side on the Tab User Management 
  3. Select a role in the Drop Down User Role Bulk User 1.png
    💡Hint: You can’t change Members and Admin/Company Admins at the same time                                                                                                                                                                     
  4. Select a Single User or select all Users for this Role Bulk USer 2.png
  5. Click on Tools in the upper right corner and select Change selected Bulk User 3.png
  6. Now change the Options for the User/Users (e.g., remove “Notify client when partners sign-in”) and click Next User Bulk 4.png
  7. Change the Permissions for the User/Users. (e.g., “Connection reporting” -> “View own connections”) and click Next  

    : The Permissions Window won’t be shown when you selected Users with Company / Admin Permissions.User Bulk 5.png
  8. Now you will see a list of the Users which will be changed after you click on ApplyUser Bulk 6.png
  9. Changes are done - a popup indicated whether the settings were successfully applied.User Bulk 7.png


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