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This article applies to customers with a TeamViewer Tensor Co-Browsing license for each support agent.


With TeamViewer Co-Browsing and Chat, you can support your website users with TeamViewer's secure screen-sharing technology.

Co-Browsing enables support agents to see their customers' screens and chat with them in real-time to resolve issues and answers questions quickly.

At the same time, you and your customers can trust that only the data from your website is visible and that all sensitive customer data is excluded from the transmission.



To use the TeamViewer Co-Browsing and Chat feature on your companies website, you need the following:

  • A TeamViewer Tensor Co-Browsing license for each support agent
  • Your own website 
  • A website management team integrating the TeamViewer Co-Browsing and Chat feature into your website
  • Support staff assisting your customers via TeamViewer Co-Browsing and Chat

Your customers do not need a separate installation as all needed functionalities for the Co-Browsing and Chat are being delivered within your website.


Optimized for browser and mobile websites

Depending on what devices your customers prefer, you can both support them easily on their mobile or laptop/desktop PC. 


Benefits of Co-Browsing

When co-browsing your website together with your customer on your customer's device, you can actively assist your customers by using your website and help them to perform any action they need to do at the moment.

This allows you to minimize support requests and reducing the back-and-forth in your support tickets.

By seeing what the customer sees, your support agent can help your customers faster and more precisely.Easy screen sharing.png


Co-Browsing vs. TeamViewer connection

While a TeamViewer connection allows full remote control, Co-Browsing only allows the support agent to see information from within your own website displayed on the customer's device.

Also - remote control is limited to the content of your website. The browser software itself and other content of your computer cannot be controlled by the supporter. If you want to, you can even deactivate all remote control for the supporter.

At the same time, you and your customers can trust that only the data from your website is visible and that all sensitive customer data is excluded from the transmission. 

Staff settings.png


A TeamViewer connection remains the go-to solution when it comes to full customer support. 

But: not in all cases, full remote control is needed. In case, a customer needs help in using your website or web-service, Co-Browsing might be the faster way of giving support.

As no installation on the customer site is required, you are taking away a possible hurdle for your customer and your customer can experience convenient and immediate assistance.


How to activate Co-Browsing

Co-Browsing and Chat is a separate SaaS solution. If you are interested in integrating TeamViewer Co-Browsing and Chat into your website to provide a seamless customer support experience, please contact our Service Team via telephone or ticket system.

Our team will provide you with all the relevant information individually.


Integrating Co-Browsing into your website

Once you receive the Co-Browsing and Chat info, your development teams can integrate TeamViewer into your companies' website.

📌Please keep in mind that the TeamViewer Development and Support teams can not integrate the feature for you.

After you activated Co-Browsing and Chat for your website a Support and Chat-bubble will be displayed to your website visitors.

Support and Chat Bubble.png

Once they click on one of the bubbles they can get in contact with your staff via Chat and get a Co-Browsing connection. 

Customer Chat.png


Chat and Chatbot

Live Chat has become an important factor in customer support and customer experience.

By allowing your website visitors to contact you via a Live-Chat, you immediately enhance your support services.

You can decide whether you want to offer a live chat with your staff, offer automated messages guiding your visitors to the right information, smart suggestions or customizable chatbots being available 24/7, and any combination of the above mentioned.Staff viewStaff view


Seamless brand experience

We put our focus on the functionality, and you can enjoy a white-labeled remote support solution.

Your customers will not recognize that you are using TeamViewer as a third-party product for Co-Browsing. This allows you to showcase your brand in the best possible way and you can remain within and use your app workflow and UI.

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