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In this video tutorial you learn how to create custom modules through the TeamViewer Management Console. This video concentrates on the QuickSupport module for remote control:

Additionally, please have a look at this Blog article or this Knowledge Base article if you would like to learn more about the QuickSupport module and SOS Button. 

Recap of the steps shown in the video:

  1. Login to the Management Console
  2. Select Design & Deploy
  3. Decide between QuickSupoort, QuickJoin, Host module or Android Host module (this video is about the Quick Support module)
  4. Select QuickSupport module
  5. A PopUp window will appear with the different setting you can choose for your custom QuickSupport module (e.g. colour, text, name, etc.). Please make your own settings. 
  6. After you finished your customized settings, please click Save and copy down the link provided
  7. Send the link to your customers or link it to your homepage and your customers can download your customozied QuickSupport module
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