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This article applies to all TeamViewer users.


TeamViewer monitors its traffic to ensure to the user network bandwidth capacity is at optimal level of data rate flow. 

TeamViewer traffic is used in both directions, i.e. for downloads and uploads. Data flows is calculated quickly and smoothly when the amount of traffic on the network is small relative to its capacity.

When the amount of traffic nears the capacity of the network, the speed at which data travels begins to drop.

Connection Info dialogue box

Under the connection info dialogue box you will see under Information the traffic monitor such as 1212 kB / 500 kB (down/up).

This will show you what is currently being utilized through TeamViewer in terms of bandwidth coming in and going out.

Determine Bandwidth Consumption

To find out how much bandwidth consumption or data flow occurs during a connection to another device, you will can use the connection information panel from TeamViewer.

1. Connect from the device in question to another device to gather the data flow that is being made through the connection.

2. While in the connection on the top tool bar click on Actions, then take your mouse and move it over to the bottom right hand of the tool bar under Information and click the corner (see screenshot).

Note: In the MacOS remote control toolbar, navigate to Extras -> Connection Info 
Extras toolbar.png

Step oneStep oneYou will then receive a pop up box that will display your data flow in kilobyte.

Data flowData flow

This is the data above that you need to calculate your bandwidth usage through that single connection.

Keep in mind that each device may vary with different data flow depending on the actions you are performing in that specific connection with that device with that nework you use.

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