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This article applies to Windows and Mac users with a Corporate license of TeamViewer 12.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As of version 13.2, there have been updates in the way the MSI is deployed and the assignment tool is no longer used.

This means that parameters are now passed directly to the MSI. If you are deploying verison 13.2 using the Windows MSI, please see our Mass Deployment Improvement article here

You can customize a TeamViewer Host module in such a way, that the Host module is added automatically to a TeamViewer account when installed. The assignment does not have to be confirmed manually at the client device.

For deployment with automated account assignment, it is recommended to use the Assignment Tool method. This method works on Windows with the MSI package as well as the execut-able version of TeamViewer Host.


  • Login to the TeamViewer Management Console and create a custom TeamViewer Host module with Allow account assignment via the assignment tool enabled.
  • After saving the module, a download link to the Assignment Tool, the ConfigurationID as well as the API token is displayed. ConfigurationID and API token are needed for the account assignment.

Please copy and save the token for later reuse (e.g. within a text file) and download the Assignment Tool.


Rollout and assignment

Note: The Assignment Tool must be accessible via a network share or be deployed together with the TeamViewer Host.

  1. Deploy the TeamViewer Host MSI package with ConfigurationID to all devices.

    Hint: For additional information on deploying TeamViewer via MSI, please see the attached TeamViewer Manual – MSI.

  2. Run the Assignment Tool as administrator after deployment of the MSI package  on all devices that should be assigned.
    • This could for example be done by making the Assignment Tool available via a network share and running a script to call up the Assignment Tool on the devices after successful deployment of the MSI package.

Parameters for the Assignment Tool are

  • apitoken (required): The token mentioned above.
  • datafile (required): The path to the TeamViewer configuration file.
    • Environment variables are supported in the datafile path. The syntax for environment variables is "${envvarname}".
    • Path for Windows default installations:
  • allowEasyAccess (optional): Allows easy access. Possible values: true, false. Default value true is used if omitted.
  • apiurl (optional): Root URL of the TeamViewer API. Default value
     is used if omitted.
  • devicealias (optional): Alias for the new device in the Computers & Contacts list. Environment variables are supported. The syntax for environment variables is
    Default value
    is used if omitted. Use “ ” to not set a device alias. The TeamViewer ID is shown in the Computer & Contacts list if no alias is set.
  • verbose (optional): Enables verbose output.
  • wait (optional): Time to wait in seconds for the file specified with the datafile para-meter. Default value is 10.
  • proxyurl (optional): URL of your proxy in the format:
    Username, password and port might not be required, depending on your proxy settings.


Windows 64bit:
TeamViewer_Assignment.exe -apitoken YOUR TOKEN -datafile "C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamViewer\AssignmentData.json"
TeamViewer_Assignment.exe -apitoken 1234567-abcdefgehijklmn -datafile "${ProgramFiles(x86)}\TeamViewer\AssignmentData.json" -devicealias "${COMPUTERNAME} Description" -allowEasyAccess=true -wait=10 -verbose -proxyurl https://auser:apassword@my-proxy:3100
TeamViewer_Assignment.exe -apitoken 1234567-abcdefgehijklmn -datafile "C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamViewer\AssignmentData.json" -devicealias "Name Description" -allowEasyAccess=true -wait=10 -verbose -proxyurl https://auser:apassword@my-proxy:3100

Windows 32bit:
TeamViewer_Assignment.exe -apitoken YOUR TOKEN -datafile "C:\Program Files\TeamViewer\AssignmentData.json"
TeamViewer_Assignment.exe -apitoken 1234567-abcdefgehijklmn -datafile "${ProgramFiles}\TeamViewer\AssignmentData.json" -devicealias "${COMPUTERNAME} Description" -allowEasyAccess=true -wait=10 -verbose -proxyurl https://auser:apassword@my-proxy:3100
TeamViewer_Assignment.exe -apitoken 1234567-abcdefgehijklmn -datafile "C:\Program Files\TeamViewer\AssignmentData.json" -devicealias "Name Description" -allowEasyAccess=true -wait=10 -verbose -proxyurl https://auser:apassword@my-proxy:3100

sudo TeamViewer_Assignment -apitoken 123456-abcdefghijklm -datafile /Library/Application\ Support/TeamViewer\ Host/Custom\ Configurations/abc123/AssignmentData.json -proxyurl https://auser:apassword@my-proxy:3100

Exit code in case of success = 0. Exit code = 1 means that an error occurred.

After successful execution of the steps, the device should be assigned to the account that created the custom host module and Easy Access is activated.

Note: For a more detailed information on the Assignment Tool, please find the attached TeamViewer Manual – Assignment Tool.

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