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This article applies to all users with a Premium or Corporate license in TeamViewer 13 or a Premium or Corporate subscription.

Within TeamViewer Management Console (MCO), you can administrate remote devices. The Essential Asset Management in the MCO shows all important information, e.g., computer name, operating system, hardware versions, or outdated software: Supporters and IT administrators receive all relevant information to do a good job. You can start planning your day even without establishing a remote control session to the respective devices one after the other.

Once you set up the Essential Asset Management, it works automatically. Supporters as well as all users within the company can view the information, provided that the remote device is assigned to the company administrator.

The great benefit from this feature is that you check the devices and discover which of them require your attention. You can delegate the tasks to a team member and save time by making only connections to the remote devices that need support.

For more information on Essential Asset Management read the Community Blog Discover essential asset management for more effortless IT.


To be able to use this feature, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You are using TeamViewer 13 or newer.
  • You own a TeamViewer 13 Premium or Corporate license (or higher).
  • The respective device is assigned to your company admin via a Host module or full TeamViewer application.
  • Requires Windows XP or later on remote side.
  • Requires the device to be assigned to you, but no specific user permission.


You know that there is work to be done, but you do not know which devices are affected by outdated operating systems, for instance. As you do not want to check
each device you are responsible for, this TeamViewer feature is a great improvement to your daily routine.

How to check device status and device information

  1. Log in to TeamViewer Management Console, click Groups and click a device of your choice.
  2. Select the Computers & Contacts list and simply click on a computer name. essential-asset-management.pngYou can check the device status 1 and further device information 2 of the respective device.
  3. Click the Want to see more? link 3 to learn more about TeamViewer Monitoring & Asset Management and try the trial version that is also available under this link.
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