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To find and fix issues on remote devices quickly, and to save time on TeamViewer sessions, you can check any relevant information on a remote device dashboard

On the remote device dashboard, you can view details and technical information about the remote device as well as information about the current TeamViewer session.

TeamViewer calls up the standard information provided by all devices.

In detail, you can view the following General information of the remote device:

  • The amount of processes on the remote device
  • The performance
  • Disk health information, to identify failing of the disk
  • Security information
  • Information about the current session and the remote user
  • Information to identify the device, e.g., the serial number, which is usually glued to the back of the device. This very effective information helps you to check the warranty status of the device, or you can find out which hardware is built into it. If it got stolen or lost, and it turns up again, you can identify the device with the help of the serial number. When dealing with hardware incompatibilities, the BIOS version and date is also displayed.
  • If available, you can check the battery level, whether it is plugged in or not, and for how long the device has been running without a reboot.
  • Information on the system environment

To perform tasks, there are several links to the respective dialog available:

  • Task manager
  • Disk cleanup
  • Action center
  • Event log
  • Network and sharing center


To be able to use this feature, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You are using TeamViewer 13 (or higher).
  • You are a private user or own a TeamViewer 13 Premium or Corporate license (or higher).
  • You are working on macOS or Windows.


The information is also available in TeamViewer Monitoring & Asset Management. For more information, see the TeamViewer Manual Remote Management.

How to display the remote device dashboard

  1. Log in to TeamViewer and establish a connection to a remote device.
  2. To display the remote device dashboard, click the Home button in the menu bar. Home.png


  3. In the following remote device dashboard, you can view all relevant information on the remote devicegeneral-information.png


You can go back to the remote desktop any time.

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