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 Security and protection of data is our highest priority. We added great importance on features to ensure secure connections, protecting your personal information stored in your account or preventing unauthorized access to your devices.

This article shows you, how to make use of some of the most powerful TeamViewer features dedicated to being able to provided bulletproof support with TeamViewer.

Secure your customers environment

As a service provider for remote assistance or even as a private user helping out friends and family, it is key that your customers' computer remains protected while you are able to provide remote assistance.

Here are some features to ensure security of the remote device.

Random Password

TeamViewer uses random passwords for connections. You can configure TeamViewer in such a way, that after a connection is finished, a new password will be created. Therefore it is not possible to connect to a device twice with the same password.

  • To enable random passwords after session end, go to Options > Advanced > Advanced settings for connections to this computer > Random password after each session and select Generate new.

To improve the password security even more, you can select how strong the random temporary password should be. The highest security can be guaranteed if the password is based on 10 alpha-numeric characters (including special characters).

  • To change the random password strength, open the TeamViewer options and select the Security.

Access control

To restrict functionality for incoming connections, you can set up an access control. Choose between Full access, Confirm all, Viewing access, Custom settings or Deny any incoming remote control connection.

With custom settings, you can configure the remote device in such a way that, for example, controlling mouse and keyboard on the remote device is only possible after confirmation by your customer. Your customer basically has full control of what is happening on his device.

  • Open the advanced settings of TeamViewer, to modify the access control for incoming connections.


You can set up a whitelist for connections to your customers device. Define a set of TeamViewer IDs and/or TeamViewer accounts that are only able to connect to the device and limit the access to several IDs. Outgoing TeamViewer sessions are not affected by the lists.

  • To set up a whitelist, open the TeamViewer options and select the Security.

For more information, see the TeamViewer Manual – Remote Control.

Secure your own environment

As it is not only necessary that your customers' devices are secure and can only accessed by you it is also important that your own data (like Computer & Contacts or access to your devices) is save as well.

Besides the standard security feature like ID and random session passwords, there are even more features to enhance the security of TeamViewer.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication for your TeamViewer account provides an extra layer of protection to secure your TeamViewer account from unauthorized access. In addition to your password, a second factor (security code) is needed to log in to your TeamViewer account.

  • To activate two-factor authentication, you have to log in to the TeamViewer Management Console. After the login, click on your profile name, select Edit profile and click General > Two factor authentication > Activate.

For more information, please see our FAQs under

Company profile

The TeamViewer Management Console offers the possibility to centrally manage several TeamViewer accounts inside a company by one or several users. This allows to assign different permissions to the company users centrally.

A company profile also allows central management of client settings for the TeamViewer clients of your company, management of available contacts and computers for every user in the company profile and many other features that support a centralized permission and access management.

  • To get your hands on a TeamViewer Company profile, log in to the TeamViewer Management Console and select User management on the upper left side.

For more information, see the TeamViewer Manual – Management Console.

Trusted devices

Trusted Devices is an extra layer of security to your TeamViewer account to prevent your TeamViewer account from unauthorized access. As a preventive measure to ensure your account’s security, you need to authorize every new device on which you sign in to your account for the very first time.

Encryption standards

Beside all the features that support device and account security, there are also technical implementations, that ensure a fully secure use of TeamViewer.

TeamViewer connections are fully encrypted. TeamViewer Traffic is secured using RSA public/private key exchange and AES (256 bit) session encryption.

This technology is used in a comparable form for https/SSL and is considered completely safe by today's standards.

As the private key never leaves your computers and your customer's devices, this procedure ensures that interconnected computers - including the TeamViewer routing servers - cannot decipher the data streamover.

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