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TeamViewer on Windows Servers.


On Windows Servers, TeamViewer has a commercial feature enabled by default. This means that in order to use TeamViewer on a Windows Server, a license is required per user. 

With the Business level license, if you license the server, and it is configured as a Terminal Server, each user that connects through a Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) will use a device license. This may cause licensing issues and is strongly NOT recommended.

With the Premium- and Corporate license, the license is tied to the account so as long as there is a licensed account is logged in there are no issues with licensing. This is the strongly recommended method for licensing with Windows servers and Terminal Services.

With a Premium or Corporate license, an unlimited number of users can be licensed. Please note that the limitations for the number of simultaneous sessions remain unaffected.

If you are having issues connecting to a Windows server, please see our Knowledge base article on how the Windows server support works.

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