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This article applies to all TeamViewer users.


TeamViewer is offering new updates to its software on a monthly basis. A TeamViewer subscription plan includes all updates both major and minor. Please feel free to always update your software directly.

You can update your TeamViewer application on your own devices and on your remote devices easily to always work with the latest version of TeamViewer. 

All owners of an old TeamViewer plan for a specific TeamViewer version (perpetual) will have to check, if your TeamViewer plan is valid for the updated TeamViewer version to avoid service interruptions. 

Why should I update my TeamViewer?


Industry-leading security, performance, and user experience are at the core of TeamViewer’s design. Our team is very proud to offer the most powerful product in the market with constant innovation above and below the hood.

Using the latest version of a software is best practice to not only have access to the latest features but also to have access to the highest security standard and performance in the industry. With a TeamViewer subscription plan, you can be sure to always be able to use our latest versions.



To make sure to always have access to your remote devices, we urge you to keep both your own devices as well as your remote devices on the same TeamViewer version and preferably on the latest TeamViewer version to benefit from the latest improvements and security updates as well as the highest performance.

Please keep in mind, that connections from an older TeamViewer version to a newer TeamViewer version are not possible.

Note: TeamViewer users with a free license are not able to use any other but the latest TeamViewer main-version. Learn more here.

Note: Connections to an older TeamViewer version are only possible if a valid commercial license is attached to your TeamViewer account.

Operating systems

TeamViewer strives to offer the highest compatibility with a variety of operating systems and we make sure to always be compatible with the most recent operating systems for the best possible user experience. Please understand that only the most recent TeamViewer version can be part of this vision.

Please read this article to learn which operating systems are supported.

How do I update TeamViewer on the remote computer?

Updating the remote TeamViewer can easily be done during a TeamViewer session via the toolbar:

  • Click on Remote Update directly:Toolbar Englisch.png


  • Or choose Actions --> Remote Update:Toolbar Aktionen Englisch.png

It will then show you the available TeamViewer version numbers, asking you to confirm the update. TeamViewer on the remote computer will close and install the new version.

After the update, you will be reconnected to the remote computer automatically. 

Note: Updating multiple TeamViewer clients on Windows PCs can be best achieved by using our MSI package, which is available with our Corporate license. Instructions can be found within the MSI download package.

How do I update TeamViewer on my own computer?

Updating a TeamViewer installation can be done with just one click:

TeamViewer full version:

If a new version of TeamViewer is available, there will be an arrow icon on the main window of TeamViewer at the right-hand side of the menu bar


Note: In case this notification icon has been deactivated within the TeamViewer settings, you can simply click on Help --> Check for new versions.



TeamViewer Host:

Simply right-click on the TeamViewer icon within the system tray and select Check for new versions: Remote Update3.png

How do I enable automatic updates?

TeamViewer can install new versions automatically.

This option can be found within the settings under Advanced --> Install new versions automatically.  

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