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You can use TeamViewer on operating systems that were created using a Windows, macOS, or Linux image. However, care must be taken to avoid potential problems with the cloned computers all sharing the same TeamViewer ID. 

In general, we recommend installing TeamViewer only after the cloned operating system has been fully installed and is running. This is the safest solution and applies to all supported operating systems. 

How to deploy a Windows image containing TeamViewer 

Installing TeamViewer before you create a Windows image can often cause problems. The only correct and supported way to include TeamViewer in a cloned Windows image is to run Microsoft’s “sysprep” tool on the image before deploying it. This is described in Microsoft’s article Sysprep (Generalize) a Windows installation. Using the sysprep command ensures that TeamViewer works fine on cloned systems. 

How to deploy a macOS or Linux image containing TeamViewer 

To safely include TeamViewer in a macOS or Linux image, you need to install it without an internet connection. This prevents TeamViewer from generating an ID before the image is prepared and deployed. 

If that isn’t possible, then you must leave TeamViewer out of the image and install it onto the cloned computers afterwards. 

What to do if you have duplicate TeamViewer IDs on your cloned computers 

If you’ve included TeamViewer in an image without following the guidelines above, it’s likely that each cloned computer will have the same TeamViewer ID as the others. 

In the case of macOS, you can resolve this by completely uninstalling TeamViewer from each of the affected Macs and removing the TeamViewer configuration files. To do this, go into the TeamViewer Preferences, then scroll to the very bottom of the Advanced tab, check Also delete configuration files, and click Uninstall. 

In the case of Windows or Linux, you will need to submit a ticket to us so we can help you resolve it. You’ll need to tell us the exact number of cloned computers that have the same TeamViewer ID, and also send us the TeamViewer log files from 2-3 of those computers. 

Hint: You will need a valid TeamViewer license to submit a ticket.

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