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This article applies to Windows users with a Corporate license when deploying the Host module via the TeamViewer MSI package in version 13.1 or lower

Note: As of version 13.2 the MSI will no longer automatically apply the TeamViewer_Settings.tvopt. The IDC is now also added as a parameter

You must use a parameter to have the settings applied.
Please see our the Knowledge Base article about Mass Deployment Improvement

If you plan to create a TeamViewer Host module and install using a deployment method, you will need to first install your Host on a test machine then export the *.tvopt file to your deployment application.

The *.tvopt file will store all your settings as well as provide the option to input a personal password for unattended access. 

How to access and export the *.tvopt file for your deployment

To deploy a TeamViewer custom Host with MSI (Corporate license), please follow these steps:

  1. Create custom Host from the Management Console and download on test system
  2. Rename to TeamViewer_Host-idcxxxxx.msi
  3. Make your desired changes to the Host on the test system.
  4. Export the change to a *.tvopt file by going to Extras -> Options -> Advanced -> Export settings to a *.tvopt
  5. Name the file TeamViewer_Settings.tvoptAdvanced.png
  6. Enregistrer sous.png
  7. Export Options.pngAdd to MSI package folder. (Downloading the MSI package will require a Corporate license)

You will end up with two files in the directory that are used with your deployment.

  1. TeamViewer_Host-idcxxxxx.msi
  2. TeamViewer_Settings.tvopt

Important information for admins about importing proxy settings


Note: Once exported, the value of the proxy settings is in plain text. It is the user’s responsibility to store that file, mindfully. Once imported, the value will then be protected using a Windows API.

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