Supported distributions

TeamViewer provides DEB packages for Debian and Ubuntu based systems,
RPM packages for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS and Fedora, as well as
RPM packages for SUSE Linux Enterprise and openSUSE..

While not officially supported, those packages are compatible with most derived distributions, like Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Mint or elementary OS (DEB packages),
or Scientific Linux, Oracle Linux, OpenMandriava or Mageia (RPM packages).

Other distributions

For distributions that are not based on DEB or RPM packages, we have TAR packages with a custom installer available.
Read more  in How to use the TAR package for Linux.

3rd party packages

Some distributions provide their own packages for TeamViewer which are usually based on the TAR package and custom-tailored to those distributions.

While these packages are helpful, you might prefer our TAR packages in case

  • you want to use TeamViewer without installation
  • distribution packages are not up-to-date
  • no TeamViewer Host package is provided by the community

Here are some of the distributions that provide TeamViewer packages:

Please note:
These packages are maintained by community members.
TeamViewer takes no responsibility for these packages.


Arch Linux, antergos, Manjaro


yaourt -S teamviewer
systemctl enable teamviewerd.service
systemctl start teamviewerd.service


Gentoo, Sabayon


emerge teamviewer


apt-get install teamviewer



sudo eopkg bi --ignore-safety
sudo eopkg it teamviewer*.eopkg;sudo rm teamviewer*.eopkg
sudo systemctl start teamviewerd.service


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