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This article applies to all TeamViewer customers with a Business, Premium or Corporate plan.

Customers with a Tensor plan are invited to have a look at Conditional Access.


There can be cases in which you need to remove the TeamViewer application from devices of unauthorized users and block the use of the free version in the corporate network.

Remove TeamViewer from unauthorized users

To remove TeamViewer from unauthorized users, you can uninstall TeamViewer by using an uninstall command for all devices which are not supposed to run TeamViewer.

E.g. by using the COM API for uninstalling. Read more about it here: Command line parameters

How to block the usage of the free version in the Corporate network

To block the usage of the free TeamViewer version in your Corporate network, you need to make sure that you deploy the TeamViewer registry settings within your company to all devices which are not supposed to have TeamViewer running/installed on their devices. Please make sure that the following settings are deployed:

  • Whitelist with one entry (e.g. your company profile administrator account)
  • Disallow incoming remote connections
  • Disallow outgoing remote connections
  • Disallow Meetings
  • Disallow file transfer

Learn more about How to export settings for Host deployment in our Knowledge Base. The explained export works both for the Host as well as for the full version of TeamViewer.

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