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MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar offers a quick and easy way to carry out tasks. With TeamViewer 13, you can use the Touch Bar to access the most important TeamViewer features.


To be able to use this feature, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You are using TeamViewer 13
  • You are a private user or own a TeamViewer 13 license (or higher)
  • You are using a MacBook Pro equipped with a Touch Bar.


MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar replaces the function keys of the keyboard by a multi-touch enabled strip of glass for quick access to tools and features. It changes automatically, based on the apps you are currently using. TeamViewer 13 integrates commands into the Touch Bar to provide easy access to its most important features.

How to carry out basic TeamViewer tasks with the Touch Bar

The following actions can be taken using the Touch Bar:

  • Access your TeamViewer account info  1
  • Start a remote-control session  2
  • Start an online meeting  3
  • Switch to your Computer & Contacts list  4
  • Start a chat  5



How to use the Touch Bar within a remote-control session

Within a remote-control session, you can carry out the following tasks via the Touch Bar:

  • Close the session  1
  • Lock the connection so that it cannot been canceled  2
  • Open the dashboard view, which contains details and technical information about the remote device as well as information about the current remote-control session  3
  • Open the File transfer window, which allows files to be transferred between the local and the remote computer  4
  • Switch to the Ctrl+Alt+Del screen on the remote device, which can be used, for example, to launch the Task Manager or change a password  5
  • Start a chat 6
  • Switch between remote monitors  7touch-bar-remote.png


If you would like to learn more about the TeamViewer features provided by the Touch Bar, please have a look at the following Knowledge Base articles:

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