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This article applies to TeamViewer Corporate and Tensor customers using TeamViewer 14.x or lower.

For TeamViewer 15.x and higher please read this article: Mass deployment on macOS 


In this article, you will learn how to deploy TeamViewer 12 Host silently to all your macOS devices using a deployable script and TeamViewer 12 Silent Host Rollout.

TeamViewer 12 offers a feature for silent installations with the Assignment Tool. It allows users responsible for TeamViewer in their organization to assign an account for better management capabilities. The accounts are often defined as or to give an example.

Assigning a TeamViewer account to either macOS, Linux or Windows machines gives the privilege of managing TeamViewer policies, granted easy access, and many more helpful features for a professional environment. As a result it allows administrators for example to manage about 90% of TeamViewer settings without needing to redeploy the software. 

With macOS and a shell script, the rollout can easily be automated.

  1. Create a shell script that downloads both TeamViewer and the Assignment Tool and runs installation parameters for both.
  2. Deploy the script to all devices you want to install TeamViewer Host.

The script 

set -eux
cd ~/Downloads
curl -O https://{link-to-your-custom-host-module}.pkg
curl -O https://{link-to-the-assignment-tool}/TeamViewer_Assignment
chmod +x TeamViewer_Assignment
sudo installer -pkg TeamViewerHost-idc{your-custom-host-id}.pkg -target /
sudo ./TeamViewer_Assignment -apitoken "{API-token-of-your-host-module}" -datafile /Library/Application\ Support/TeamViewer\ Host/Custom\ Configurations/{the-Config-ID-of-your-host-module}/AssignmentData.json

Please make sure to replace the {higlighted text} by your own values.

How the script could look like

set -eux
cd ~/Downloads
curl -O
curl -O
chmod +x TeamViewer_Assignment
sudo installer -pkg TeamViewerHost-idc12abc3d.pkg -target /
sudo ./TeamViewer_Assignment -apitoken "1234-ylQcaABCDE5e6p7YEzYu" -datafile /Library/Application\ Support/TeamViewer\ Host/Custom\ Configurations/12abc3d/AssignmentData.json 

For further information on running the script, please see the following video:

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