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If you plan to use unattended access for TeamViewer, you have to think about security, as your hosts will be accessible all the time.

Please follow the instructions below to make sure your host is protected from unauthorized access at any time.

Disable random passwords

The first and most important step to secure unattended access is to disable the random password within the TeamViewer settings under Options > Security > Random password (for spontaneous access) see [1].

2016-11-30 09_34_10-TeamViewer options.png

Disable (all) personal password(s)

This step is optional and is only recommended, if the host is assigned to a TeamViewer account (see [3.1]).

If you want to disable your personal password, please make sure to delete additional passwords as well. You are able to delete the "main" personal password (see [2.1]) and any additional passwords (see [2.2]) under Options > Security > Personal password (for unattended access).

Grant easy access for your account

This step in conjunction with the above steps makes unattended access most secure.

First you need to assign the computer to your TeamViewer account. You do so under Options > General > Account assignment (see [3.1]). Enter your account credentials in the appearing dialog (see [3.2]).

2016-11-30 12_00_01-TeamViewer options.png

Afterwards, activate the checkbox Grant <YourAccountName> easy access under Options > Security > Options for access to this computer (see [3.3]).

Now you can access this host without a password through your account. If you have followed the described steps, it is impossible to access this host using a TeamViewer ID and Password. Access is only possible via the account, the host is assigned to. Additionally, devices with easy access can be shared with other users without the need for providing credentials in order to establish a remote session. For more information on group sharing please refer to the following article here.

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