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TeamViewer Host is used for 24/7 access to remote computers, which makes it an ideal solution for uses such as remote monitoring, server maintenance, or home-office access.

Learn more about the Host module in general here: TeamViewer modules | Host

Note: You can choose between 2 different kinds of Host: The regular TeamViewer Host with the TeamViewer logo or a Customized Host, which can be branded by yourself Keep in mind: The customizes Host module requires a TeamViewer plan (Business, Premium, Corporate or Tensor).

Download TeamViewer Host

You can download the regular TeamViewer Host (without customization) from our website: Download TeamViewer Host

Customized Host

To create a Customized Host, you can log into the Management Console and click on Design and Deploy.

Under Design & Deploy you will look for +Add Custom Module, then select Host.

2019-11-08 12_23_44-.png

Visual customization

The following visual customizations are available for your customized Host:

  • Title: Lets you edit the window title.
  • Text: Lets you edit the welcome text in the main window.
  • Logo: Select your own logo, which will be displayed in the top part of the main window.
  • Text color: Lets you edit the font color. Click in the left field to display a color box and select a color.
  • Background color: Lets you edit the background color. Click in the left field to display a color box and select a color. Visual customization.png


Available settings

The following settings are available on the Host module: 

  • Name: Serves to identify the modules in the overview of your customized modules.
  • Automatically add computers to a group in your computers list: If the box is checked, every device on which the TeamViewer Host module is installed will be automatically added to the selected group within your Computers & Contacts list. Select a group for these devices from your Computers & Contacts list. 
  • Allow users to create a service request: If the box is checked, users of the TeamViewer Host module can start a service case for spontaneous support. For this, a Help me Button will be visible on the Host module when your customer opens the module. Select a group name for these computers in your Computers & Contacts list.
  • Default assignee: You can select a default assignee for all service cases created with this customized Host
  • Allow customer to initialize chat: A chat box appears in which your customers can send our a message prior to the connection.
  • TeamViewer policy: Assign a TeamViewer settings policy to the device. The settings defined within the policy are set for the module during installation.
  • Allow account assignment via the Assignment Tool: Account assignment without confirmation will activate easy access automatically 

Available settings.png


  • Permanent link:  Provided once you have saved your Host settings, serves to call up the module. Provide this link to your customers. You can also define the link yourself.

    Hint: The permanent link is what you will use to install your customized Host module on the client computers. The Host will install to the computer and will run as a service in the background when the computer is powered on.


After downloading the Host module via the (customized) link, you can start the installation process.

During the installation process toward the end, you will be prompted to set a personal password for Unattended Access.

2017-01-31 16_43_12-Program Manager.png


2017-02-13 11_00_49-TeamViewer Host setup - TeamViewer Community - 3500.png


2017-01-31 16_44_32-Program Manager3.png











Account assignment.png


Once you have completed the installation process, a prompt will appear for the end user. This prompt will request the end user to confirm that the assigned account is authorized to connect to this device, even unattended.

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