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This article applies to TeamViewer users with a valid TeamViewer license.

Working with TeamViewer on Windows servers

On server operating systems, TeamViewer operates without any special adaptation.

However, please make sure to activate the Enhanced multi-user support Option (activated by default for TeamViewer 9 and later) in the Options under Advanced.


This option generates an individual TeamViewer ID for every user who connects to the server using Remote Desktop (RDP) by Microsoft as well as for the physical console. Therefore, parallel and individual work of each session is possible.

After activating the Enhanced multi-user support the info Dialog now displays two different IDs:

  • Server ID:
    • TeamViewer ID of the console of the server operating system (as if one were physically sitting in front of the server)
  • User ID:
    • TeamViewer ID of the user logged into this server using RDP.


Note: Using TeamViewer on a server requires a license!

The screen cannot be captured - Fast user switching

What is fast user switching?

Fast user switching is a functionality of a multi-user operating system, which allows users to switch between user accounts on a single computer without ending applications and logging out.

If you are receiving an error message that the screen cannot be captured at the moment  is due to Fast User Switching in Windows. 


TeamViewer can only hold onto one session and if another desktop is waiting to be displayed then you will receive this message.

Also, the same hold true for RDP sessions. If there is someone currently holding a sessions through Windows Remote Desktop and minimizes the window to the machine then the other party currently TeamViewered in will receive the message as the graphics will be terminated for the display.

If you wish to disable this feature please see the following link: How to Disable Fast User Switching on Windows 7, 8, or 10


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