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This article applies to all TeamViewer users.

Watch this video to learn more about the Top 8 security questions related to TeamViewer.


In the video the following questions will be answered.

Hint: If you would like to get a quick preview into the answers given in the video, please click on the Spoiler. The full answer will be provided in the video.

  1. Does TeamViewer own its servers and data centers? 
    The answer is: NO.

    Watch the video for more information about which data centers we are using
  2. Where are the data centers located? 
    The answer is:
    Within Germany, Austria and the Netherlands (EU)

    Watch the video for more information
  3. Does TeamViewer know what I do with my computer? 
    The answer is: NO

    Watch the video for more information
  4. If I give someone access to my system, is it forever?
    The answer is: It depends on your configuration

    Watch the video for more information
  5. Should I grant remote access to my computer or device?
    The answer is: Yes and no. It depends on who is requesting access to your device.

    Watch the video for more information
  6. What certificates does TeamViewer have? 
    The answer is: TeamViewer has several certificates; e.g. HIPAA and HITECH.

    Watch the video to see all certificates
  7. Is TeamViewer GDPR ready? 
    Watch the video for more information or check out the link below
  8. How can I make my TeamViewer instance maximally secure? How to make your TeamViewer secure by leveraging the security features 


 Read more about TeamViewer and GDPR in our Knowledge Base

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