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This article applies to users with a Premium- or Corporate license.

In the TeamViewer Management Console, it is possible to create an online company which allows you to use additional features to manage your license, groups, modules, user etc. in an easy and secure environment.

In this article, you learn our best practice model regarding the creating and first steps with a Master Account in the Management Console.

Why do we recommend to work with a Master Account?

  1. You do not run into problems to access the online company administrator account in case that the former online company administrator leaves the company or is on vacation
  2. It is easier when all groups are created and shared from one master account. You do not need to figure out the responsible person when you want to share the groups of your company with a new employee
  3. Managed devices with the associated policies and the custom modules are also better to manage centrally and more clearly arranged


In order to work with a Master Account in the online company in the TeamViewer Management Console you must meet the following requirements:

  • You need a Premium or Corporate license of TeamViewer (valid for TeamViewer 8 or above)
  • You need access to an impersonal email account in your company which can work as the TeamViewer Master Account for your online company

Getting started

To create a company profile to benefit from its features do this: 

Hint: We recommend you to use an impersonal e-mail address (like to create a master account for your online company

  1. Log on with the TeamViewer account with the impersonal e-mail address and click on User Management and choose Get Started Now! 
  2. Enter the desired name of your online company in the Company Name field and click on Create.
  3. Activate your license for your company profile by clicking in the top-right corner on the arrow next to your master accounts username and choose Manage "XXX name of company profile" --> Add License -> Enter your license key -> Save.


You can use this Master Account for the administration of TeamViewer ID's, TeamViewer accounts and modules. From this account, you can share groups with your colleagues so that they will have access to the machines in the groups. If the groups are shared to an account of a colleague you are able to see in the connection protocol of the group when he/she makes a connection to that machine (when the account is part of the company profile).

Join the online company 

After creating the Master Account which created the online company you can create your own account with your own e-mail and connect it to the company profile.

Note: We recommend that every user in your company using TeamViewer should have their own TeamViewer account, connected to the online company profile in the Management Console.

 There are two ways to join an online company: 

  1. Add User, this option is used if your colleague has not yet created any TeamViewer account.
  2. Add existing account, this option is used if your colleague has an existing TeamViewer account.

Add user.png

 To invite a colleague to join your online company profile, you can follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to the TeamViewer Management Console with your Master Account
  2. Under the User Management follow the instructions given for the different options Add User or Add existing account.

Note: Do you use Active Directory? If so, you can easily create TeamViewer accounts to all of your colleagues:  

Additional tips

Furthermore, we have a feature with channel groups, which means that a large license can be divided into different channel groups and practical work like own small licenses. This helps large companies working together with one big license. Read more here.

Learn more about How to add Users to a Company Profile

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