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This article applies to all TeamViewer free users and customers with a Business, Premium, Corporate  or Tensor plan using Windows, Mac, or Linux.



Insider Build is the name for our Pre-Versions of Windows. On macOS, we are calling the Pre-Versions Public Beta. On Linux, we are calling the Pre-Versions Preview

The intention is to get early feedback on new features, improvements, and developments before a public release.

This means that the TeamViewer insider builds version might not be tested in full functionality and can contain bugs as it is basically an image of the current development state.

Note: It is therefore not recommended to be used the insider build a productive environment or to be rolled out globally on all devices you have in place.

Hint: For testing and early access to the new features, it is recommended to install the Insider Build on devices you can reach directly so in case of issues you can revert changes quickly.


Install insider builds

TeamViewer contains settings within the app that allow TeamViewer to receive Insider builds. Location of the setting differs between Operating Systems: 

Windows "Insider Build"

Extras --> Options --> General-->  tick Receive insider builds


Note: If you activate this setting, the TeamViewer client will automatically update to the latest pre-release versions of TeamViewer. Alternatively, you can always check for the latest version under Help --> Check for new version.


MacOS "Public Beta"

TeamViewer --> Preferences --> Advanced --> Update --> Channel --> switch to Public Beta

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 1.16.49 PM.png

Note: If you activate this setting, you will need to go to Help --> Check for Updates to update to the Public Beta.


Linux "Preview"

Extras --> Options --> General --> Update Channel --> Preview

Screenshot from 2019-10-09 12-28-47.png

Note: If you activate this setting, the TeamViewer client will require a manual update to the Linux Preview

This gives you the opportunity to experience the new features first hand before they are released to the wider public, and give us your feedback about them.

If you activate this setting, your TeamViewer client will search for recent updates daily.


Do I have an insider build?

On a Windows machine, it is easy To check whether you have an insider build,

  • you can check the TeamViewer icon in the lower left corner of your application for the orange INSIDER banner:


  •  click on Help --> About TeamViewer and check whether the PopUp say You are receiving insider builds



Providing feedback

To provide your feedback about the Insider Build easily, you can use the in-build Feedback button on top of the TeamViewer application



Join the "Insider Build Information Channel"

If you are using the Insider Build and if you are providing feedback, we would like to invite you to subscribe to our Insider Build Information Channel, where our Quality Assurance Team is posting regular updates and the Change Logs to our Insider Builds:

Insider Build Information Channel

Please keep in mind that this channel is only to provide information about the Insider Build. Please keep on sending your feedback directly via the software.


Uninstall insider builds

To revert to the public version of the TeamViewer software from an insider build, you must uninstall TeamViewer.

After uninstalling you can install the regular TeamViewer version available on the website. Make sure to now disable the setting Receive insider builds under Extras --> Options --> General if you do not want to receive the next Insider Build automatically.

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