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TeamViewer is an all-in-one solution for remote support, remote access, and online meetings which allows you to assist customers remotely, work with colleagues from a distance and also stay connected with your own devices or assist friends and family members. To connect the different devices, TeamViewer is using the TeamViewer ID, a session code or a Meeting ID


TeamViewer ID

A TeamViewer ID is a unique numeric ID assigned to each device when TeamViewer is installed. This ID is designed not to change and should remain constant even if the software is uninstalled and reinstalled.

Think of this ID like a phone number for your device. You dial the TeamViewer ID, then use the password to authenticate the connection. You can also save these ID's in the contacts list of your TeamViewer account like you would save phone numbers in the contacts list of a mobile phone. 

In most of the cases a TeamViewer ID has 9 or 10 digits and you can see it on the Remote Control tab of your TeamViewer full version:fullversion_ID_v14.png


Session Code - sXX - XXX - XXX

If you are using a customized QuickSupport (created from your Management Console), the QuickSupport will generate a session code like sXX - XXX - XXX instead of a TeamViewer ID.

A support request will be generated and pops up as a green star (see screenshot below)

  • in your Computers & Contacts list (in the group you linked the QuickSupport with when creating the customized QuickSupport) and
  • in the Service Queue of the Management Console

If the star is green, the QuickSupport module is running and ready to green star.pngconnect.

If the star is grey, the QuickSupport has been closed/expired and no connection is possible. 

To connect via the session code, you just need to

  • double click on the support request in the Computers & Contacts list or
  • click Connect-Button in the Service Queue inside the Management Console.Session code.png

If you are using the standard QuickSupport, which can be downloaded from our website here, the QuickSupport will generate a regular TeamViewer ID and a password 

Note: When connecting via TeamViewer ID, you will only have to enter the TeamViewer ID and the password, and you will be able to connect to the device.


Meeting ID - mXX - XXX - XXX

The Meeting ID is a unique number that is being created individually for every meeting and serves for joining meetings.

You can also have a static meeting ID for recurrent meetings, if you scheduled and saved a meeting via My Meetings.2019-01-08_Meeting.png

Learn more about the TeamViewer Meeting:

Starting a TeamViewer Meeting

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