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In Computers & Contacts, you can centrally manage computer and contact data of TeamViewer connection partners. You can see at a glance which computer or contact is available and you can start a meeting directly.

Computers & Contacts also offers other useful functions similar to an instant messenger. The Computers & Contacts list is linked to your TeamViewer account. This means that your contact information is not tied to a specific computer but is stored in a central location. This lets you access your contacts from any computer running TeamViewer

How can I assign a name to a TeamViewer ID?

To avoid having to remember the TeamViewer IDs and passwords of connection partners, they can be conveniently managed in the Computers & Contacts list. Each TeamViewer ID can be assigned an alias which can then be arranged in different groups. A login to the Computers & Contacts list within the TeamViewer account is possible from anywhere (software, web application, mobile apps).
To create a TeamViewer account, please proceed as follows:

What are the advantages of the Computers & contacts list?

Computers & Contacts offers the following advantages:

  • See your computers and contacts online.
  • Quickly set up a connection without the need to enter connection information.
  • Access and manage your computers and contacts from anywhere in the world.
  • Send messages to your contacts using the Group Chat, Offline Messages or blacklist contacts for chat.
  • Manage computers and contacts in groups and add your own notes to them.
  • Predefine connection settings for individual computers, contacts and groups.
  • Set your own availability status.
  • Remote monitoring for your computers.
  • Connect directly to partners via service cases.
  • Video calls with up to 10 persons.
  • Personal and professional presentation with profile pictures.
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