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on an iPad running iOS13 or newer, when you try to launch a TeamViewer connection with the Safari browser (whether that is by following an emailed session link, or a notification message from your MDM/EMM), you may be prompted to download a .dmg or a .zip file for TeamViewer QuickSupport, even when you have the TeamViewer QuickSupport app already installed. After download, the package does not install and fails to connect you through.

La instalación indicada de la aplicaciónLa instalación indicada de la aplicación

Root cause

on iPads, the Safari browser is configured by default to request the ‘Desktop site’. This routes to the MacOS app, which is the wrong platform.

Workarounds (choose A or B)

While we are working on a more permanent universal fix, there are two possible workarounds for this issue:

A.     Requesting the Mobile Site

When the TeamViewer launches on the browser, there is a ‘AA’ accessible menu at the top left, which allows you to Request Mobile Website’ as shown below. Please choose that in order route the connection to the proper QuickSupport. Please continue to section C for the rest of the connection screenshots.AA - Solicitar el sitio web móvilAA - Solicitar el sitio web móvil

B.     Configuring the Safari browser to not request Desktop sites (as is the default setting)

This is a global workaround which applies to all sites requested by Safari, and not only TeamViewer.

  1. Go to your iPad Settings menu
  2. Scroll to the ‘Safari’ setting, and expand the ‘Request Desktop Website’Ajustes de SafariAjustes de Safari
  3. Make sure the ‘REQUEST DESKTOP WEBSITE ON’ is not enabled for all websites, as shown belowSafari - Request Desktop Website turned offSafari - Request Desktop Website turned off

C.     Relaunch the Session

After making either of the changes in A or B, re-launch your TeamViewer connection link, you will be prompted to allow remote support then start broadcast.Permite el soporte remoto y la transmisiónPermite el soporte remoto y la transmisión


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