Are there parameters to start TeamViewer?

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The full version of TeamViewer on Windows can be run using command line parameters that make it initiate a session to a remote device using a pre-set ID, password, and connection mode.

You can use these parameters to run TeamViewer from the Command Prompt, or from a script (for example a .bat file), or from a shortcut on your Desktop or Start menu. 

Below you can see an example of a command line in which TeamViewer is connecting to a specific ID, using a pre-set password and connection mode: 

 C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamViewer\TeamViewer.exe -i 18876347 --Password test -m fileTransfer  

Available parameters: 

-i <ID> 
(Mandatory) ID of the remote computer 

--Password <password>  -P <password> 
(Optional) password of the remote computer – you will be prompted for the password if this is not used 

-m fileTransfer  -m vpn 
(Optional) connection mode – this defaults to Remote Control if not used 


  • Remote Control: 
teamviewer.exe -i <ID> -P <Password> 
  • File Transfer: 
teamviewer.exe -i <ID> -P <Password> -m fileTransfer 
  • VPN: 
teamviewer.exe -i <ID> -P <Password> -m vpn 


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