How do I receive the license key, the software and the invoice after purchasing a license?

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No matter how you purchase a license (by phone, fax, email or in our web shop): We will send you an order confirmation directly after placing your order.

This confirmation contains a link to activate your license. 

Note: Read this article for further information in regards to the Business license activation. If you are having a Premium- or Corporate license, this article might help you.

After activation, you can immediately use your TeamViewer account for licensed connections.

You only need to download and install the full version of TeamViewer and log in with your TeamViewer account under Computers & Contacts.

Shortly after receiving your order confirmation, we will also email you your invoice as a pdf attachment.

You can find the license key on your invoice as well, in case you will need it later.

Note: We do not ship a box containing any software.

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