How do I use the monitoring checks integrated into TeamViewer?

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With TeamViewer, you can now monitor your devices remotely in order to oversee important hardware and software status information.

Some checks are integrated into TeamViewer and do not require an ITbrain subscription. These specific checks are freely available for personal use as well as with your TeamViewer license.














The following four checks are integrated in TeamViewer itself:

  • Disk space:
    Alerts you if the available hard drive space drops below 10%.

  • Windows Update:
    Alerts you if Windows Update is switched off.

  • Antivirus protection:
    Alerts you if no antivirus software is installed, or the antivirus software is out of date.

  • Windows Firewall:
    Alerts you if the built-in Windows Firewall is switched off.
Please assign the device which you would like to monitor to your TeamViewer account in order to receive alerts in your Computers & Contacts list, as well as in the TeamViewer Management Console. By assigning a device to a TeamViewer account, the device can be remotely managed and monitored by the account at any time.
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