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With TeamViewer, you can now monitor your devices remotely in order to oversee important hardware and software status information.

Some checks are integrated into TeamViewer and do not require a TeamViewer Remote Management subscription. These specific checks are freely available for personal use as well as with your TeamViewer license.














The following four checks are integrated in TeamViewer itself:

  • Disk space:
    Alerts you if the available hard drive space drops below 10%.

  • Windows Update:
    Alerts you if Windows Update is switched off.

  • Antivirus protection:
    Alerts you if no antivirus software is installed, or the antivirus software is out of date.

  • Windows Firewall:
    Alerts you if the built-in Windows Firewall is switched off.
Please assign the device which you would like to monitor to your TeamViewer account in order to receive alerts in your Computers & Contacts list, as well as in the TeamViewer Management Console. By assigning a device to a TeamViewer account, the device can be remotely managed and monitored by the account at any time.
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