How to activate your license

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License activation (TeamViewer 13)

This article applies to all users with Business (purchased/subscribed to after October 30th, 2017), Premium or Corporate licenses.

In order to activate your TeamViewer license please follow these three steps: 

  1. Click on the link in the order confirmation e-mail to activate your license on your TeamViewer Account. You will be re-directed to the TeamViewer Management Console.
  2. Add the license to your TeamViewer account by following the steps shown in the TeamViewer Management Console. 
  3. After executing TeamViewer 13, please log in to your TeamViewer with your account to use TeamViewer with full functionality.

See full description here.

Note: The license is not activated on the device itself, but it is connected to your TeamViewer account. Please keep in mind: You have to be signed in to your TeamViewer Account to have licensed connections.

Additional information for the Business license

You can use TeamViewer on up to three devices to connect to remote devices (connect from one device at a time).

Hint: Please see the attached PDF document for more information in regards to the license activation.

If you would like to replace one of the devices you are connecting from – for example because of hardware replacement etc. -, you can remove the license activation in the TeamViewer Management Console --> Edit profile --> License --> click on Deactivate device.


Additional information for the Premium and Corporate license

You can use TeamViewer on unlimited devices to connect to remote devices (the number of concurrent session depends on the number of channels belonging to your license).


Note: If you want to activate your Business license in TeamViewer 11 or 12 or you subscribed to TeamViewer prior to October 30th 2017, please have have a look at this article: Activate Business license (legacy)

How to link your license to your account using a legacy license key

Watch this video to learn how to link your license to your TeamViewer account using a legacy license key:

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