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This article applies to all TeamViewer users.


TeamViewer is a software which needs to be downloaded on your device to start or receive a remote control connection.

We highly recommend to only download TeamViewer from TeamViewer´s homepage at

Getting started

To download TeamViewer, please visit our homepage at and navigate to the download section by clicking on Download in the upper right corner: 

download section.png

Alternatively, you can reach the download section via the following link: 

The download

TeamViewer runs on a variety of different operating systems. For this article, we use the download of the TeamViewer full version on a device running a Windows operating system.

1. Please choose your operating system (=OS) to continue the download by clicking on the icon for your OS: 

download_operating system.png


2. Please choose the correct TeamViewer module for the download. Depending on the OS, you can choose between different modules. If you are in doubt which module is the right for you, you can always start with the full version, which offers all features.

Note: Learn more about the different TeamViewer modules here to find the best module for your individual use case.

 Examplefordownload.pngExample for the Windows-download: Scroll to find more modules

3. To start the download, click on the Download TeamViewer button download button.png

 4. The download of an .exe file starts automatically after clicking the download button.

Note: Depending on the setup of your device, you will find the download in the lower part of your screen (1) or in the download file of your computer (2): 
Download completed.png(1) Download completed (visible in the lower part of your screen)Downloads_folder.png(2) The file might appear in this folder

 5. Open the TeamViewer_Setup.exe file via clicking on the downloaded file (single - or double-click depending on your setup) 

When you are receiving an Open file - security warning, please continue with clicking on Run. Please make sure to verify the publisher as TeamViewer GmbHOpen File - Security Warning.png

 6. You can now install the TeamViewer software on your device or use it by running it only. Learn more about how to install TeamViewer in this article: How do I install TeamViewer on Windows 7, 8 and 10

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