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This article applies to Windows users with a Corporate license when deploying the Host module via the TeamViewer MSI package in version 13.1 or lower

Note: As of version 13.2 the MSI will no longer automatically apply the TeamViewer_Settings.reg. The IDC is now also added as a parameter

You must use a parameter to have the settings applied.
Please see our the Knowledge Base article about Mass Deployment Improvement

If you plan to create a TeamViewer Host module and install using a deployment method, you will need to first install your Host on a test machine then export the *.reg file to your deployment application.

The *.reg file will store all your settings as well as provide the option to input a personal password for unattended access. 

Below is the steps on how to access and export the *.reg file for deployment:

To deploy a TeamViewer custom Host with MSI (Corporate license), please follow these steps:

  1. Create custom Host from the Management Console and download on test system
  2. Rename to TeamViewer_Host-idcxxxxx.msi
  3. Make your desired changes to the Host on the test system.
  4. Export the change to a *.reg file by going to Extras -> Options -> Advanced -> Export settings to a *. reg (in the TeamViewer application)
  5. 2017-10-18 16_00_36-TeamViewer options3.png2017-10-18 16_18_15-TeamViewer options5.pngName the file TeamViewer_Settings.reg 
  6. 2017-10-18 16_01_26-Save As4.pngBe sure to enter the Unattended Access password after saving the file
  7. 2017-10-18 15_50_23-Export Options2.pngAdd to MSI package folder. (Downloading the MSI package will require a Corporate license)

You will end up with two files in the directorythat are used with your deployment.

  1. TeamViewer_Host-idcxxxxx.msi
  2. TeamViewer_Settings.reg 
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