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This article applies to all users with a Business-, Premium- or Corporate license and for free versions as well.

The correct way to completely uninstall TeamViewer from PC is to follow the steps below: 

1. Close TeamViewer by locating the TeamViewer icon in the system tray, right-click and Exit TeamViewer.


2017-10-19 14_39_40-2017-10-19 14_37_28-.png


2. Right-click Windows start menu then Control Panel --> Programs/features

3. Locate TeamViewer in the list of programs, then double click to start the uninstall process

4. You can select to remove settings as well if you do not plan to install TeamViewer again on the same PC

2017-10-19 15_08_32-TeamViewer 12 Uninstall.png


5. Right-click Windows start menu --> select run --> type   Regedit: Find and delete the full TeamViewer folder located in

Caution: Edit the Registry at your own risk. Incorrect changes to the Windows Registry can disable the operating system. To safeguard against such an accident, we recommend that you back up your existing registry by choosing Registry --> Export Registry File after launching the Registry Editor and before making any changes. By making these registry changes we are not liable for any actions that may proceed, you are making these changes at your own risk. (Note: To export the Registry, you need to use "regedit" to launch the Registry Editor. The steps below use "regedit".)

Right click Windows start menu --> select run -->type in: RegeditRight click Windows start menu --> select run -->type in: Regedit 

Find and delete the full TeamViewer folderFind and delete the full TeamViewer folder

 ***Please follow the path pictured below to remove the folders 



2017-10-24 14_39_15-Registry Editor1.png




2017-10-24 14_47_38-Registry Editor2.png

2017-10-24 14_51_22-Registry Editor3.png


6. Restart the machine. 

Now you have removed TeamViewer and all its configuration files. If you need to put TeamViewer back onto the computer, you can download and install it from our website. 

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