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This article applies to all TeamViewer users.


Whether you are a licensed user or a free user of TeamViewer, you can remotely install a Host module for 24/7 access.

Free user

You can use the QuickSupport or Host free downloads if using a free version of TeamViewer. Just download the regular TeamViewer QuickSupport (without customization) from our website: Download TeamViewer QuickSupport

Licensed user

You can create and use a Customized QuickSupport and Customized Host for your connections for an exclusive brand-experience.

To create a Customized QuickSupport module, you can log into the Management Console and click on Design and Deploy --> Add QuickSupport.

How to install the TeamViewer Host via the QuickSupport module?

Remotely installing a Host module can be accomplished by first connecting using a QuickSupport module. Then follow the steps below to remotely install a Host module.

Note: This function is only available for Windows OS.

1. Connect to a remote computer using a QuickSupport module. If you are a license holder you can create a custom QuickSupport in your Management Console, otherwise, you can use the default download from (For this article a custom QuickSupport and Host were used which does require a license).

2017-08-15 10_38_16-QSlink.pngSe muestra una URL personalizada de Quicksupport siendo ejecutada localmente en el ordenador de destino


2017-08-16 09_16_08-TeamViewerQSlink2.png

2. Once the URL has been run, click the .exe-file at the bottom of the page. You will be asked, "Do you allow the application to make changes to the computer"? Select "Yes", and the QuickSupport module will appear with ID and Password to connect.

2017-08-15 10_40_31-SettingsQSlink3.png 


2017-08-16 09_20_26-TeamViewer QuickSupportQSlink4.png


3. You can now connect to the remote machine from your local computer, and you will have the option to remotely install a Host module using the Files and Extras option in the TeamViewer remote toolbar. 

2017-08-16 09_43_03-QSlink5.png

Once the installation is started, TeamViewer will need to close to install. You will be disconnected.

2017-08-16 09_47_04-CLW-CSAT-LT02 - TeamViewerQSlink6.png

Once you disconnect, a pop-up will appear, allowing you to automatically reconnect to the endpoint once the installation is complete.

2017-08-15 11_01_04-TeamViewerQSlink9.png

Once the installation is complete, you will be prompted to reconnect. This will not require a new password. reconnect.png


4. When you are connected back to the computer the first screen, you will be prompted to set a personal password for Unattended Access.

2017-02-13 11_00_49-TeamViewer Host setup - TeamViewer Community - 3500.pngOnce you have completed the installation process, a prompt will appear for the end user. This prompt will request the end user to confirm that the assigned account is authorized to connect to this device, even unattended.Account assignment.png


2017-08-16 10_01_09-TeamViewerQSlink10.pngImage above shows Computers and Contacts list on controlling desktop application after new installation is automatically added to your account. This process should provide a seamless transition for setting your customer computers up with a Host module using the remote install option via QuickSupport.

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