Is TeamViewer UAC compatible?

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Yes! In general, TeamViewer, also on operating systems with User Account Control (UAC), functions automatically.

Windows Vista introduced the UAC, which always appears whenever administrative activities are being performed. This is an additional security feature of Microsoft Windows.

Only for a connection to a QuickSupport module, which was started without UAC or without administrative rights, it is necessary to observe a few things in order to be able to control the UAC.

To connect to a QuickSupport module, proceed as follows:

  • You connect with your computer as usual using your TeamViewer ID.
  • Instead of entering your password, click on Advanced in the password window.
  • Next, change the login method to Windows and enter the login data of an administrator of the target computer. If this should be a domain administrator, please enter the user name as follows: DOMAIN\username
  • You can now control the dialog window of the UAC.
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