My license key doesn't work, what can I do?

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Once you have purchased an update for TeamViewer, it may be necessary to activate the new license key again on your devices. If you activate your old license key, this can lead to errors.

Note: You do not need to re-activate your license on your account after a license update.

In general, all relevant license data will be adjusted automatically after a license or version update. You don't have to process any further changes. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions.

These are the most common cases in which you have to activate your license again:

  • You have installed a new operating system.
  • You want to activate a new device for commercial use.
  • You want to license a new TeamViewer account for commercial use.
  • Because of new hardware, your TeamViewer ID has changed.

By updating, your old license key is disabled. It is necessary to activate the current license key for your TeamViewer account, your device, or your TeamViewer company profile. The current license key can be found on the invoice for your license update. Use the first of the two specified license keys.


If errors still occur, check the entered license key for typos. Make sure that you have entered the hyphens.

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