Remote printing with TeamViewer

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This descriptions apply to Windows users in all licenses.

Using the Remote printing function, you can print documents from remote computers directly on a locally accessible printer. This allows you to print documents from remote computers on your own printer without the need to transfer files.

From the remote computer you can access the same printers (including network printers) as you would on your local computer.

Installing remote printing driver

In order to set up remote printing, you would first have to install the TeamViewer print driver. You will find this option under Extras > Options > Advanced > Show advanced options > Advanced network settings > Install remote printing 1


Note: Please be sure to install this driver on both sides of the connection.

Activating remote printing within a session

Once the drivers have been installed, you can establish a connection to your remote computer and activate remote printing in the TeamViewer toolbar 1.


Your local printers will now be displayed in the print dialog boxes on the remote computer. They will be labelled [name of printer] via TeamViewer.

Starting print job

To run a print job, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the document you would like to print and open your normal Print dialog box  1
  2. Select a printer ending with “via TeamViewer” 2
  3. Start the print job 3


Note: Please note that the remote printing function is only available for connections from Windows to Windows and that your printer needs to support PostScript or EMF.

If you are not sure whether your printer supports PostScript or EMF, please go to the manufacturer’s website and search for your printer model.

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