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The software TeamViewer is a provider for digital networking and collaboration and offers users remote access and a meeting possibility in one tool.

Getting started

Below is the steps on how to get started using TeamViewer meeting:


  • You will want to switch your TeamViewer application to the meeting tab. 
  • You can then your weekly meeting by clicking on Schedule a meeting  2  
  • The m in the meeting ID box cannot be removed as it symbolizes that you are in the meeting tab 3

Note. The Presentation, Video call and Phone buttons can be used to start immediate screen sharing, video or phone call.

Hint: Read more about the Meeting tab here: TeamViewer modules - the Meeting Tab

Schedule a meeting

Once you schedule a date and time for your meeting you will have the option to save the meeting invite for later use.

2017-10-23 16_44_40-Schedule a Meeting2.png

Once you save the meeting you will automatically be provided with an email template to send to the participants (If using Outlook email client).

2017-10-23 16_46_54-TeamViewer meeting_ Weekly Meeting - Meeting3.png

As you see in the meeting invite, it guides the participants to which can be used if they do not want to install TeamViewer on their computer. The will need to choose Use web browser version (Using web browser will require Adobe Flash Player).2017-10-23 16_49_28-TeamViewer4.png

Note. If the participant already has TeamViewer installed, they can simply switch to the meeting tab on their TeamViewer application and type in the meeting ID.

Hint: To join a meeting from a mobile device, the TeamViewer Meeting app will need to be installed.

Also, please keep in mind that if you are the person scheduling the meeting, you will also need to be the person starting the meeting each week. Otherwise, you will need to have other users schedule the meeting from their account to have flexibility.

Hint: If you would like to focus even more on meetings download TeamViewer's new solution for meetings, presentations, and teamwork: Blizz

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