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This article applies to all TeamViewer customers in the following countries: Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Estonia, France, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malta, Panama, Poland, Portugal,  Puerto Rico, South Korea, Spain, Uruguay, and the Netherlands.


TeamViewer is offering a customer portal within the TeamViewer Management Console to view and manage your customer data.

Within the TeamViewer Customer Portal (=MCP), you can get information about your current TeamViewer plan, your invoices, and you have the possibility to upgrade your current TeamViewer plan.

Please be aware that the Customer Portal is still under construction and that not all features of the portal are already available everywhere. We are continually working on making the customer portal accessible for everybody incl. the full feature set. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

How to access the portal

Via the Management Console

To access the TeamViewer Customer Portal, please follow these steps

  1. Go to the TeamViewer Management Console by clicking this link
  2. Please log in and click in the upper right corner on your user name --> Manage Contact.
  3. Now you are in the TeamViewer Customer Portal (=MCP).

MCP_Manage Contact.png

Via the TeamViewer Homepage

To access the TeamViewer Customer Portal, please follow these steps

  1. Go to the TeamViewer Homepage by clicking this link
  2. Click in the upper menu on Login and choose Contract Management
  3. Now you are in the TeamViewer Customer Portal (=MCP).


Features within the customer portal

You can access the different parts of the portal via the menu on the left side of the page: 

MCP_Menu.pngMenu principal en el portal de cliente


The dashboard provides you with migration offers for your TeamViewer plan.


In the subscription menu, you can view and manage the following:

  • Billing Address
  • Payment Method
  • Next payment date
  • Your subscription contains
  • Summary
  • Enhance your experience

Note: Changing the Company name and the country is not possible via the portal. Please contact our Service team, if you need to change the company name or the country.

Please note that you can not cancel your TeamViewer plan within the TeamViewer Management Customer Portal. Please send an email to our Service team by submitting a ticket via our support page. For cancelation details, please refer to our EULA.



Financial Documents

In this section, you find financial documents you might need for your business e.g. bank certificates or commercial register proof. All available documents are ready for you to be downloaded.



In the invoice section, you will find all your TeamViewer invoices ready to be downloaded and you can directly pay your open invoices.

An overview of the following data is provided:

  • Invoice ID
  • Email Address
  • Invoice Date
  • Invoice Total
  • Status
  • Postal address




Payment Methods

Hint: Your payment data are of course fully encrypted.

In the Payment Method sections, you can add and delete your payment methods

MCP_Add new payment method.png


MCP_Add new payment method 2.png


Note: You can not delete the payment method of a current subscription. Please add a new payment method and change your current payment method in the Subscription section to continue.

Support Portal

The Support Portal offers you the opportunity to enter the TeamViewer Community, the TeamViewer Knowledge Base or to submit a ticket to our support team directly.

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