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The new TeamViewer user interface allows users to work smarter, better, faster and stronger with TeamViewer

Since launching the new user interface of TeamViewer in version 12, there has been some adjustments to improve its usability even more.

How to Activate the New Simplified Client Interface

You can activate the new client interface with just six easy steps:

1. Start your TeamViewer (with the old interface).

2. In the main menu, click Extras and choose Options. The Options Dialogue Box will open.

The old TeamViewer InterfaceThe old TeamViewer Interface

3. Select General in the TeamViewer Options.

4. Tick the box next to Use new user interface (Preview).


5. Click the OK button in the lower right hand corner.

6. Restart TeamViewer to apply the new interface setting:

The new and simplified TeamViewer interface - Do you see the differences?The new and simplified TeamViewer interface - Do you see the differences?


What are the changes and benefits of the new interface?

1. Using the one-window interface allows you to focus on what is most important for you. Choose between the Remote Control, Meeting, Computers & Contacs or the Chat and see all relevant information in one window.

Note: TeamViewer will always restart in the tab you had open before closing the software

2. You can re-size the TeamViewer window into the size which is the most comfortable for you. Do you like it smaller or larger? Just choose your own best-fit.



Note: TeamViewer will restart always in the size, you defined before closing the software

3. Advanced and simplified menu for a better user experience (see below):

a. Information: Direct link into the most used features of the Management Console via the new information tab:

Information panel.png


b. Extras: Play or convert recorded session..., Open log files..., Activate license, Check for license updates:

Extras panel.png

c. Options: here you find your already known TeamViewer Options:

Options panel.png

d. Help: Direct links to: TeamViewer web help (Knowledge Base), TeamViewer website, TeamViewer Community, How it works..., Feedback, Check for new version, About TeamViewer:

Help panel.png

 e. Feedback: Send us your feedback about TeamViewer directly:

Feedback panel.png

 f. Exit TeamViewer: Shut TeamViewer down:

Exit TeamViewer panel.png

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