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This article applies to Windows users in all licenses.

Having a license with one or more channels gives you the possibility to make one ore more simultaneous TeamViewer connections to your partners. The number of channels refers to the number of devices, which can initialize a session concurrently.

No channel available

If all of your channels are in use, no further device can establish a new connection until one of the devices ends its running sessions.

In cases where a team member forgot to close a session the channel will be used until the session will be ended (manually or automatically).

Determine inactive sessions automatically

To avoid that inactive sessions are blocking channels of your license, making it impossible to establish further TeamViewer connections, you can set up each client for timing out inactive sessions.

After a selected time, outgoing connections from the device will be determined, if they are inactive (no interaction with the remote device).

You can find this setting in the advanced TeamViewer options and it is called Timing out inactive session.

  1. Open up Menu >  Options > Advanced > Advanced settings for connections to other computers.
  2. Select a time period after which an outgoing remote control session is automatically terminated if there is no interaction in the defined period.

Timeout-inactive-sessions.pngDetermine inactive TeamViewer connections.

Hint: You can enforce or assign this setting using a TeamViewer Settings Policy for all the devices used with your license. For more information, please have a look at the article about TeamViewer Settings Policies.

Forgetting about a connection

If one of your team members forgot to close a session, the TeamViewer app will close this inactive session after the pre-defined time automatically.

This feature will ensure, that your TeamViewer channels are available whenever no activity takes place.

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