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This article applies to all TeamViewer users getting the message "Your trial has expired".


When you see a dialog saying your TeamViewer trial has expired, this means that TeamViewer was installed on the device and someone chose Company/ Commercial use or Both of the above upon installation to classify the intended usage.



Server operating systems

Alternatively your machine runs a Windows Server operating system, classifying usage as commercial automatically.

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trial-expired-popup.pngTeamViewer Trial expired

What to do if a licensed device shows 'Trial Expired'

The alert 'Your trial has expired' may show up on a device used with a commercial license, if the licensed account is not logged in. TeamViewer licenses are account-based, meaning the license is only recognized when a licensed user logs in to the device.

To sign in, click the words 'Sign in' in the upper left corner of the TeamViewer application, and enter the credentials for your licensed TeamViewer account.

sign in 1.pngClick the silhouette of a person in the upper left corner, next to the words 'Sign in'

sign in 2.pngEnter the account credentials for the licensed TeamViewer account in the fields provided

You can verify licensing afterwards using the About TeamViewer window.

sign in 3.pngShould the message persist even after signing in, please contact our support team for further assistance.

Request the reset to Personal use

If you believe that you installed TeamViewer and chose Company/ Commercial use or Both of the above accidentally, and you are using TeamViewer excusively for personal, non-commercial use, then we may be able to remove the trial period for you so that TeamViewer reverts back to the free version.

Please use this form for the TeamViewer Personal Use Verification to request this.

Note. This is the only way we can assist you with this issue!