Why is "free license" displayed under "Help -> About -> Account license"?

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This article applies to TeamViewer users with a Business-, Premium- or Corporate license

If you are a holder of a TeamViewer license:

  • You can remove the note that you are using a free license by activating your license on your account and sign in to your TeamViewer account in the Computers & Contacts list.
  • If the license is already activated on your account, please make sure to be signed in with your TeamViewer account to your Computers & Contacts list.

How to activate your license

Please read this article about how to activate your license

Important note: Under Help -->About --> License the license which is locally activated on your device will be displayed. Since the TeamViewer licenses for version 13 are exclusivly activated on the TeamViewer accounts, you might see "free" or "trial expired" here. If you have a version 13 license, the only relevant information for your license is stated under Account License where it will show the type of license linked to your account

The license information stated under Help -->About --> License is still relevant for customers using a previous version of TeamViewer.

Private usage

If you are using TeamViewer privately, but the software is saying, that the trial phase is expired, please read this article: Why do I see TeamViewer trial - 'Your trial period has expired' ?

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