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  Using the TeamViewer API, you can integrate TeamViewer functionality into other systems like CRM s , ticket systems, helpdesk solutions, or web apps. The API is RESTful and uses OAuth 2.0 for authentication and JSON for data communication. The API offers func tions for:   User management   Connection reporting   Remote control sessions with service cases   Online Meetings   Computers & Contacts list   Detailed information and example scripts can be found on our website : . There you can also find pre-built TeamViewer integrations to integrate into your working environment. How can I use the TeamViewer API features? The usage of the TeamViewer API is tied to legal licensing and technical requirements. Technical requirements The TeamViewer API is available via the TeamViewer Management Console. Therefore, a TeamViewer account is required for using the API. The account is needed for both using available integrations / applications and developing your own integrations. Licensing Below you can find an overview of available functions for licensees. The overview illustrates which API functions can be called up using the different TeamViewer licenses. It only refers to the use of an integration / application that has been developed using the API. To use an integration, a TeamViewer license for version 9 (or later) is required. API function Business Premium Corporate Session management: Use the features of the TeamViewer service queue. For example, establish a remote control session from within your CRM system. Online Meeting: Use the TeamViewer features for online meetings. For example, schedule meetings within your own calendar application. User management: Manage the users in your company profile. For example, sync users from your Active Directory with the TeamViewer Management Console.   Reporting: Flexibly manage connection reports from the TeamViewer Management Console. For example, export reports automatically to Excel.   Group management: Manage groups from your Computers & Contacts list. For example, add new groups to your list. Computers & Contacts: Use the benefits of the Computers & Contacts list. For example, see if a contact from your CRM is online in TeamViewer and send a connection request. * * * * A TeamViewer license for version 10 (or later) is required. Note: There is no license required for developing an application using the TeamViewer API.  
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