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Backup - December releases


During the past few months we have been striving to improve our Backup solution with the feedback we received from our customers and their experience.

This month we released important improvements that will match the customer latest needs.

  • File Retention Policy changes

When setting up a new file retention policy, customers are now able to change the retention dates for older files as well as from the Global settings menu within the Management Console.

  • Backup Pause/Resume improvement

When a backup process is paused a user can now resume that backup without having to start an entirely new backup.

  • Optimize Backup service

We have optimized the display of the Backup status in order to fix some rare cases where the status was not correctly displayed immediately after reboot.

We have also fixed some rare crashes that emerged when some users were trying to open the Restore Dialogue box.

  • Deactivation of the old Backup service

Starting from 12.12.2019 we deactivated the new installations of the old backup service. Thus, in order to activate TeamViewer Backup please update to the latest version of TeamViewer available for your license. TeamViewer Backup works with the latest versions of TeamViewer 11,12,13,14 and 15.


By implementing these changes, we aim to make TeamViewer Backup more user friendly and easy to use. We are continuously striving to improve TeamViewer Backup 

If this is a point of interest for you or in case you have any feedback for further improvements on TeamViewer Backup please send me a private message and we can discuss certain topics about the future of Backup.

Product Owner, Remote Management services