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Introducing Data aggregation and Check for string features for Web Monitoring!

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We have added new features for TeamViewer Web Monitoring to help you see more historical data.

Data Aggregation

  • The data aggregation functionality compiles the results of checks for longer periods of time than it was previously possible: 3 days, 7 days, and 30 days. This feature provides our users the ability to see more historical data on the Chart View dashboard for the benefit of spotting general trends more easily.


  • In case of at least 1 failure result, the aggregated Check Point will be shown as a red dot. If the user clicks on the red dot, the chart will show the detailed information about the failure, like date & time.




  • Check for string (Content matching) for Uptime monitors

    Our new "check for string" or "content matching" feature allows to lookup a text string in the source code of the monitored web site. Under Uptime monitors > advanced settings, Users can specify the text string to lookup. If the string is not found during the check, the monitor will return a failure status. Users can choose between “Should contain” and “Should not containScreenshot_181.png


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