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Introducing TeamViewer Web Monitoring!

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We are happy to announce the launch of TeamViewer Web Monitoring!

TeamViewer Web Monitoring helps you to run your website at peak performance. Monitor your website’s uptime, page load speeds, and important processes such as your web shop or customer login from more than 30 locations globally. Monitor, analyze and improve the availability and performance of your web resources for visitors around the world.

Screenshot_133.pngUptime Monitoring – Check the availability and the response times of your website from multiple locations around the world. Uptime Monitoring instantly alerts you when your website takes too long to load, or fails to load entirely, from any of your checking locations. Be notified of costly downtime within 1 minute of a problem.. With Uptime Monitoring, you can create 3 sub-types of uptime monitors - HTTP, HTTPS and ICMP (Ping).

    • Page Load Monitoring –See how long it takes to load your entire website  in real browsers. By tracking the load times of each individual element, such as images, CSS, JavaScript, RSS, Flash and frames/iframes, the tool measures your visitors’ experience from more than 30 locations. Uncover and fix bottlenecks due to broken scripts, or too large images, and provide your customers with an optimized end-user experience.  Receive alerts when elements on your website fail to load, or the total page load time exceeds a set threshold from any of your checking locations.
    • Transaction Monitoring Monitor transactional processes such as shopping carts or registrations and ensure your e-commerce engine is running without any leaks.  Record and deploy behavioral scripts in a web browser to simulate the path a real customer (or website visitor) takes along the process funnel of your website.  Get notified instantly, if one of your transactions fails, or any step of the transaction takes too long to load.Screenshot_134_1.png










Watch this short video and learn how to set up monitors, combine them in collections, and receive alarms. See also how the data visualization in the TeamViewer Management Console looks like.


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