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Introducing the New Endpoint Protection Threat View

During the last year, we released various iterations of new designs for all but one Remote Management Service. We have now released the missing component: the Endpoint Protection Threat View redesign 

  • Brand new view with the already proven design language aiming for high usability and efficiency in working with our services. 

  • Better filtering with visual tags for faster investigation of the threats. 

  • New categorization for the statuses of threats

    • Red Alarms

      • Detected as infected or suspicious. Needs to be investigated manually. Will stay red until marked as investigated. 

    • Green Alarms 

      • Everything else which was successfully handled by the system and the manager does not need to take any action (deleted, disinfected, quarantined).

    • We removed the “Yellow” intermediary state which always needed to be acknowledged by the user to make it green/grey. 

  • New default sorting order

    • The newest red threat alarms will always stay on top. 
    • The priority can be changed based on the use case from the header columns depending on the important information which needs to be filtered first.
  • Recommended actions

    • We added a few recommended actions based on our experience and learnings from the past years working with our customers.
    • When a certain condition is met a recommended action will be displayed to the Manager in the Management Console. 
    • The links lead to our community Knowledge Base articles which are translated in  DE, FR, ES, PT and DE. 
    • We will continue to improve and add more recommended actions based on future learnings.
  • Expandable rows 

    • We now show more threat details if you click and expand a threat alarm.
    • Those details contain important information such as: Resolution, Threat Type, Location and date/time.

expanded rows threat redesign.gif

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