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Remote Management Staff

TeamViewer Endpoint Protection On-Access scan for Microsoft Outlook

We have redesigned the way Microsoft Outlook Add-in works together with the scanning engine to improve the threat detection and remediation dates in Microsoft Outlook databases. 

With the newly released version, when the user clicks on a new e-mail in Outlook the Endpoint Protection engine will scan the attachment before displaying it to the user. 

  • If the e-mail attachement is clean it will be displayed to the user.
  • If the e-mail attachement is infected it will be quarantined and a Text file informing the user of the result will be displayed.

These changes will greatly improve detection and remediation rates in outlook as well as providing on access scans for all new e-mails about to be read by the user.

The old behaviour of the Outlook Add-in is not affected with the new chnages. When Outlook is closed during a scan it will still detect and remove threats in the OST or PST database. If Outlook is open when a scan takes place the Outlook Add-in will provide the necessary rights to the engine to scan the contents of the OST or PST database.

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